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MARSHALL COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (MCF) GRANT--Most recently, the Marshall Community Foundation announced a $5,000 grant to WCCC to assist the RESTORE campaign with the Outdoor Education Center.  The Foundation also offered WCCC a $2,500 matching grant to help the project and to help encourage more donors to contribute.  The Members are so grateful for this community support.

ENBRIDGE MATCH MET!--Because of Enbridge Energy's generosity and that of community donors, $20,000 more dollars were added to the RESTORE Campaign to rebuild the Outdoor Education Center.  Along with Enbridge's initial gift of $15,000 for the project, they offered WCCC and additional $10,000 matching gift.  In mid-February, the match was met!  Community support for this educational site is clear through the generous donations.

PREDATOR SHOW--Over 200 visitors gathered at the clubhouse on Saturday, 22 January 2011 to discuss the State of Michigan's endorsed and promoted predator hunting program.  State designated predators include coyote and bobcats.  The numbers of these species are increasing annually and becoming more aggressive and in many cases infringing on popluted areas.  DNR officers offered presentations regarding state mandated rules for hunting predators.  Other conservationists spoke to discuss respecting the predators that are hunted and how their remains should be constructively and respectfully utilized. (Special Note:  No hunting occurs on Wilder Creek Conservation Club property as noted in the organization's Constitution/ByLaws.) 

RESTORING THE CASTLE--During the fall of 2010, members gathered to make restorations to the castle.  Work was done on the stone interior.  The main focus was the castle roof.  Due to its flat design and worn drainage system, water tended to puddle on the roof.  Soley with volunteer hours and donated materials, the drainage system was flushed and updated, work that had not been done in well over a decade.  With donated materials, the roof's vinyl membrane was replaced, creating a water-tight seal.  The club is grateful to its generous and talented members who donated their efforts to preserve the property's historic landmark. (See "Photo Gallery" tab on left)

TOTEM POLE RESTORED--A painted totem pole is an original artifact of WCCC, created in the late 1930's.  The pole highlighted numerous wild animals, brightly painted in relief.  The pole was constructed from 1/2 of a large hollowed log and was afixed to an intact pole for display.  Over the years, the totem pole has actually weathered quite well.  During Consumers Energy Training Center trainee's work to restore electical infrastructure to the grounds, the totem pole was disengaged from its place and lowered to the ground with Consumers Energy's equipment.  Members then moved it inside the clubhouse for restoration.  Thanks again to volunteer member efforts, the the pole was resealed on all sides and repainted during the late fall of 2010.  It will be replace outside in the spring of 2011. (See "Photo Gallery" tab on left)

ENBRIDGE GIFT/MATCH!!!--WCCC was given a generous $15,000 gift from Enbridge to rebuild its outdoor pavilion destroyed by a storm 10 years ago.  In addition to the gift, Enbridge also offered WCCC a $10,000 match.  For every $1.00 raised by the club between 10-01-10 and 05-31-11, Enbridge will match with $1.00.  WCCC members say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to Enbridge for their VERY generous contribution and match offer.  These funds will allow WCCC to increase its outdoor education programming and offer another appealing open-air gathering site for many groups.  Since the match was announced, memberships have increased as well as donations.  For information on membership, see the "Membership Application" tab at left.  For donation information, see the "Donate Today" tab at left.  Come join us in this great project!

DONOR APPRECIATION DINNER--On Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 6:30pm, the members will honor their donors who helped make Haunted Castle 2010 such a great success.  They donated t-shirts, fence posts, fire extinguishers, marketing, food, beverages and so much more.  Now it's time to feed them well and give them an official WCCC Thank You!!

HAUNTED CASTLE 2010--An overwhelming success!!  Thanks to our fabulous haunted castle production team and many other voluteers, we hosted 1470 "bodies" at the Haunted Castle.  The screams were everywhere!!  One night we hosted 278 guests.  They screamed, they laughed and some went through the castle again on the same night.  The man with the chainsaw seemed to get a lot of attention.  And the Last Mortuary, this year's new attraction, was a ghoulish hit.  The weather cooperated all month.  We're already planning again for next year's scare.  Our production team is scheming to make your next visit another frightful treat.

WCCC/ECKFORD TOWNSHIP PICNIC--On June 19, 2010, WCCC hosted an area picnic for Eckford Township residents.  The club members wanted to say "thank you" to Eckford Township for its support.  The club provided meat and beverages, inviting attendees to bring a passing dish.  There were guided tours of the grounds, during which the history and programming of the club were highlighted.  Children participated in organized games.  Primitive archery specialists provided displays and demonstrations.  Area fire departments brought their fire fighting trucks.  Live music entertained the guests.  Approximately 125 attended the event.

NEW BROCHURE!!!--Thanks to the spring 2010 grant from the Nonprofit Alliance at Kellogg Community College, our new brochure is ready to help us "get the word out" about Wilder Creek Conservation Club.  Maggie LaNoue, Albion Design and Marketing, was the creative and design force in developing the brochure.  The Marshall Community Foundation provided a mini-grant to facilitate mailing the piece to prospective members.  Club members will use the attractive brochure as they move forward on their membership campaign.

PRIMITIVE ARCHERY SHOOT!!!--Organized by Michael Damon and Ike Swan, the annual Primitive Shoot event took place at Wilder Creek Conservation Club during Memorial Day weekend 2010.  Local archers and those from around the country spent the weekend enjoying archery events, teaching arrow-making and bow construction while enjoying each others' company.  The club offered hot breakfasts and nutritious lunches for the participants.  Guests commented  positively on the major improvements made to the grounds since last year's event.  The annual event will continue next year with more offerings for all participants.

GRANT!!!-- The Nonprofit Allicance at Kellogg Community College awarded the Club a $2,450 grant as of 01-21-10 to assist with a Membership Campaign.  Members are excited about the help and the affirmation of the Alliance in our work to bring and support conservation efforts in the county.

HAUNTED CASTLE!!!---The club just completed its major fund raiser for 2009--The Haunted Castle.  Revitalized by the original cast and crew, the Haunted Castle event was a great success.  The members worked hard to create a fun and festive experience for everyone.  Well over 1,000 guests visited the castle and reported being scared and having fun!  They also mentioned that the castle event was a great family value at $5/person.  Food and fun after their castle "tour" in the Club House added to the enjoyment.  The club is ready to host the ghouls and goblins again next October!!!

POWER IS ON AND SAFE!!!---Thanks to Consumers Energey Training Center and the IBEW, the club grounds have restored electrical service during the fall of 2009.  These 2 organizations donated a day upgrading the infastructure and adding lighting to area out-buildings.  The club members can't say THANK YOU, THANK YOU ENOUGH to these great community supporters that serve the citizens everyday!! 

BENEFIT AUCTION!!!---On October 24, 2009, the club held a benefit auction that netterd over $1,000 for the club.  Thanks goes out to all the donors and the bidders who helped make this event a success.  The members are discussinG holding 2 auctions a year, so keep checking our website and the newspapers.

DONOR APPRECIATION DINNER!!!---Members will have a chance to thank their donors officially over a tasty dinner in Eckford.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, DONORS!!
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