Wilder Creek Conservation Club


(Results from 08-26-09)

Reporting most frequent responses to questions…

  • 1.     How many years have you been a member of WCCC?
  • ANSWER:  0-1 year
  • 2.     What were the reasons you decided to join WCCC?
  • ANSWER:  Want to invest in this important resource for the community
  • 3.     Rate the following goals from 1 to 7 with 1 being the most important project for the club to undertake.
  • ANSWER:  Preserve and improve habitat for wildlife
  • 4.     Club members are asked to volunteer time working at WCCC as part of their commitment to the club.  Keeping in mind that members work on a volunteer basis only, how many hours are you willing to volunteer at the club each month?
  • ANSWER:  1-4 Hours
  • 5.     The club needs to increase income.  Please rate from 1 to 5 with 1 being your top preference, ways to increase club income.
  • ANSWER:  Sponsor events
  • 6.     WCCC membership dues fro 1 year are currently $35 per household.  In 2021-2011 should the dues:
  • ANSWER:  Remain the same
  • 7.     Please check any of the following areas you would be willing to work on at for the club.
  • ANSWER:  Grounds and Maintenance (Events was a close 2nd)
  • 8.     Place a check next to any skills you have that you would be willing to share with the club.
  • ANSWER:  (A vast range of skills reported.)
  • 9.    Club meetings are held once a month.  Which day of the week works best for you?
  • ANSWER:  Wednesday

10.Historically WCCC has allowed members to fish on the WCCC property.  In the past 5 years, fishing has not been allowed.  Beginning immediately, would you like to see fishing reinstated for members on the WCCC property?


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