Wilder Creek Conservation Club


Approved 01-15-14


Article I 

Section 1.  The name of this organization shall be known as Wilder Creek Conservation Club, heretofore referred to as the "organization."

Article II


Section 1.  The purpose of Wilder Creek Conservation Club is to protect and conserve the natural resources of our country and to educate future generations to become caretakers of our water, air, land and wildlife.

Article III 

Section 1.  The officers of this organization shall consist of a President, Vice-President,  Membership Secretary,  Recording Secretary and Treasurer.  These officers shall be elected for a term of one year. 

Section 2.  Any nominee for President shall have served at least one year on the Board of Directors, subject to Article VIII, Section 4. 

Section 3.  It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all general membership meetings, to see that the Constitution and By-Laws are enforced, to sign all documents that may require a signature, to appoint all committees and to maintain order.

Section 4.  It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to perform all the duties of the President in the President's absence.

Section 5.  It shall be the duty of the Membership Secretary to keep correct records of the names,  addresses and other contact information of all members of the organization.  He/she shall collect and record all membership dues.  Upon collection of membership dues, those dues will be transferred to the Treasurer.  The Membership Secretary shall give a complete and accurate report of membership. 

Section 6.  It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep a correct record of all meetings.  The Recording Secretary is also specifically responsible for maintaining and filing the necessary documents relevant to the Michigan Securities Commission in connection with the organization's Incorporation, operation of the organization, all correspondence and is responsible for publishing general membership meeting minutes.

Section 7.  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer of keep accurate financial records pertaining to the organization.  The Treasurer shall collect all monies due the club, including membership dues from the Membership Secretary and any rental fees.  He/she shall pay all bills when approved by the Executive Board and sign all checks along with either the President or the Vice-President.

Article IV 

Section 1.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the five (5) Executive Officers and four (4) to eight (8)Trustees each representing one (1) of the following committees:  Grant-writing, Event Planning, Grounds and Maintenance, and Youth Liaison.  Trustees shall be elected for a two (2) year term, with two(2) Trustees elected on even years and one (1) Trustee elected on odd years.

Section 2.  In order to encourage participation and leadership by the youth of the organization, one (1) Trustee  seat shall be for a youth of at least 16 years of age.  The youth Trustee shall be nominated and elected by the youth members of the organization who are between 12 to 18 years of age who are Regular Members.  The Youth Trustee shall serve a one (1) year term and will be elected every year

Section 3.  It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to make recommendations to the organization, to act as an emergency body for the general membership and to authorize the expenditure of monies.  The Board of Directors will follow the agenda as noted below:

            1.  Pledge of Allegiance

            2.  Roll Call

            3.  Reading of the Minutes of the previous meeting

            4.  Treasurer's Report/Approval of bills

            5.  Committee Reports

            6.  Old Business

            7.  New Business

Section 4.  The Board of Directors may authorize an annual audit of the books by a competent auditor.  Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held on a regular, monthly basis and special meetings may be held at the discretion of the President.

Section 5.  It shall be understood that if any Trustee misses three (3) regular Board of Directors' meetings in a calendar year, or if an Executive Officer misses two (2) regular Board of Directors' meetings in a calendar year, those individuals may be removed from the Board of Directors by a majority vote of the Board of Directors after a review of the individual situations.  

Article V 

Section 1.  Any vacancy occurring on the Board of Directors shall be filled by the Board of Directors. 

Article VI 

Section 1.  All bills must be read at the regular meeting of the Board of Directors and be voted upon before payment is made, except for the monthly bills which may be paid when due.  A report of the paid monthly bills will be given at the next monthly Board of Directors' meeting.

Article VII 

Section 1.  The Annual Meeting for the election of officers shall be held in the month of January, the exact date of which to be determined by the Board of Directors, no later than at the November meeting, unless by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Board of Directors shall for good and sufficient reason, authorize a different time.  All officers and Board of Director members elected at the annual meeting shall take office immediately following that meeting.

 Section 2.  The Recording Secretary will choose three (3) Regular Members who along with the Recording Secretary will comprise the Nominating Committee.  At the membership meeting held in November, a slate of nominees will be presented; nominations from the floor will be accepted for additional nominees.   Elections shall take place during the January Annual Meeting.  The new officers will take over their duties following the January Annual Meeting.

Article VIII 

Section 1.  The property is open to all residents of the United States for educational or recreational use.   Membership in the organization shall be by Family Membership.  Family Membership shall be no more than 2 adults and the children residing at the same address.  Children over the age of 18 shall obtain their own membership.  To be a voting member of the organization, a member must be at least 16 years of age, because membership requires a commitment to conserve and preserve the property, including a volunteer component. In order to qualify for membership, a potential member must be recommended by a member in good standing and be approved by the Board of Directors.  The organization may not discriminate due to race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, marital status or disabilities.  

Section 2.  There are two (2) levels of membership in the organization:  Associate and Regular.  A new member is considered an Associate member and becomes a Regular member when:  He/she  1) has paid annual dues for the current calendar year,  2) has been an Associate member for six (6) months,  3) has attended at least 60% of the general membership meetings, or has been granted Regular membership status by the Board of Directors due to extenuating circumstances after filing a written request to the Board.

Section 3.  The membership fees shall be determined by the Board of Directors and reviewed on an annual basis, but shall be kept at a minimal level to allow full participation by the general public.  Scholarships will be considered.  All requirements and changes of those requirements are subject to approval by the general membership.

Section 4.  Only Regular members, with at least twelve (12) months past membership shall be eligible to run for a position on the Board of Directors.  Officers shall be at least 18 years of age with the exception of the Youth Trustee who must be at least 16 years of age.

Section 5.  The conviction of any member of the organization of the game, fish or conservation laws shall have the effect of immediate suspension of said member from membership in the organization.  The Board of Directors shall have the power to reinstate a member so suspended.  The Board of Directors upon due proof that any member of the organization has been guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct, reckless handling of firearms, boats or bow and arrow, discourteous field etiquette, vandalism contrary to the principles of good sportsmanship or conservation, or the conviction of a crime punishable by imprisonment for one year or more,  may suspend said member and thereafter reinstate such member if it appears that the reason for the suspension no longer exists or will not reoccur.

Article IX

Section 1.  This Constitution shall be amended or altered only after the amendments or alterations have been presented to as many of the members as can be reached by publication in a local newspaper or by personal notification and may be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at the next regular or special meeting.

Section 2.  This Constitution voids any previous Constitution and/or their amendments established in the past.

Article X

Section 1.  In case of emergencies, the President may spend monies of the organization with the approval of the Vice-President and Treasurer, provided that an accounting be given at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.  An emergency is something that needs immediate attention to handle matters concerning the organization.

Article XI

Section 1.  Unless otherwise specified, the deliberations of this organization or its Board of Directors shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.

Article XII

Section 1.  The Board of Directors shall establish all rules governing the use of alcoholic beverages, firearms, tobacco, fireworks and any other articles on all properties owned or controlled by the organization.


Wilder Creek Conservation Club


Approved 02-17-10

Article I



Section 1. The Regular Meetings of the club shall be held each month. Ten (10) members in addition to the officers present shall constitute a quorum.

Section 2. In case of a tie vote, the President's vote will count as two (2) votes.


Special Meetings of the membership may be called by the Board of Directors. At special meetings, no business may be transacted except that for which the meeting has been called. Notification must be given at least two (2) days in advance of any Special Meeting.



Board of Director meetings shall be held each month. At any meeting, six (6) members shall constitute a quorum. A majority vote of Directors present shall constitute a majority on all proposals.



The President may call a special meeting of the Board of Directors. The President must call a Special Board of Directors Meeting at the request of no less than 5 Board of Director members, at a time suitable to those requesting the meeting. Advance notice of 24 hours must be given all Board of Director members for any Special Board of Director Meeting. Such advance notice shall include the reason for said meeting. Emergency Board of Directors meetings can be held immediately after a regular meeting has been adjourned.



The Annual Meeting of the organization shall be held in January.


Article II


Section 1. No rifles, shotguns, pistols, bows, etc., are to be fired or discharged at Wilder Creek Conservation Club unless approved by the Board of Directors ahead of such time as the date of an event, shoot, demonstration or other type of activity.

Section 2. No hunting is allowed on organization grounds.


Article III


Section 1. Assets of Wilder Creek Conservation Club are to be used exclusively for charitable purposes with a prohibition on private benefit, with limitation on political and lobbying activity for conservation purposes. Assets are to be used for conservation purposes according to Article II of the Wilder Creek Conservation Club Constitution.


Section 2. Wilder Creek Conservation Club is a legal affiliate of the Marshall Community Foundation which possesses a 501 (c) (3) designation with the Internal Revenue Service. Thus, Wilder Creek Conservation Club must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, such as, the creator or creator's family, shareholders of the organization, employees, other designated individuals or persons controlled directly or indirectly by private interests. No part of the net earnings of a section 501 (c) (3) organization may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. Any Wilder Creek Conservation Club officer, board member, employee or family member of any of these is prohibited from benefiting from the sale of Wilder Creek Conservation Club property. A private shareholder or individual is a person having a personal and/or private interest in the activities of the organization.


Section 3. Property owned or acquired by Wilder Creek Conservation Club will be held in perpetuity for the purpose of Article II of the Wilder Creek Conservation Club Constitution.


Section 4. In order to prevent the use of Wilder Creek Conservation Club for personal gain of any individual or members, this property shall, in the event of the dissolution of the organization, be transferred to a qualified non-profit organization approved by the membership of Wilder Creek Conservation Club, who shall be willing to accept the transference and agree to maintain and operate the same in as near to its present condition as is practical to further and advance the cause of conservation in accordance with the Wilder Creek Conservation Club Constitution, Article II. At no time will any assets be transferred to private ownership.




© Wilder Creek Conservation Club

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