Wilder Creek Conservation Club members extend special thanks to: (in reverse chronological order)

Hundreds of Individual Donors continue to support WCCC annually with donations that move the club forward in its mission to educate youth, families and the community about natural conservation and to offer a peaceful natural environment for outdoor activities.

Enbridge Energy continues its support of WCCC with an additional $5,000 grant for infrastructure improvements as well as a $5,000 matching grant to encourage continued donations for capital improvements.  Thank you Enbridge Energy.

Cronin Foundation for its substantial grant of $10,000 to assist in the continuing restoration of facility infrastructure.  This gift will move the bathroom and monument renovation forward.  We are very grateful for this generous support.

Women's Philanthropy Circle of Marshall for its generous $4,900 donation to the Outdoor Education Pavilion project.  The WPC members vote on one nonprofit organization per quarter to which to give funding.  Each member then contributes $50.00.  Thanks to the kindness of this group, WCCC is now better able to see the pavilion become reality.

Marshall Rotary Foundation for its $3,000 grant to provide picnic tables for the new Outdoor Education Pavilion.  WCCC members are very appreciative for the Foundation providing this important addition to the pavilion.

Marshall Community Foundation (MCF) for its recent $5,000 grant to also assist in rebuilding the Outdoor Education Pavilion.  MCF was also kind enough to offer a $2,500 match to WCCC to help with funding and also to help encourage more donors to make contributions. Members appreciate so much the support of Marshall's community foundation.

Enbridge Energy, AGAIN, for the additional $10,000 given to WCCC after generous donors made it possible to meet the Enbridge match.  Members are so grateful for the outstanding support of Enbridge and donors.

Enbridge Energy for its generous $15,000 gift to restore WCCC's Outdoor Education Pavilion and also for its generous offer of a $10,000 match for facility support.  Enbridge will match every $1.00 WCCC raises with $1.00. (For more information, please see "Enbridge Match Met" tab on left margin.)

The Marshall Community Foundation for housing our non-endowed fund, making donations to WCCC tax deductible.  We also thank the foundation for the recent mini-grant to make our brochure mailing possible.

The Nonprofit Alliance at Kellogg Community College for helping to make this website and the new brochure possible.

Maggie LaNoue, Albion Design and Marketing, for designing and developing the new, attractive brochure.

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