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  • Nearly 150 members, guests and supporters celebrated the Outdoor Education Pavilion dedication on July 9, 2011.
  • Members and guests, Marilyn Burke, Martha Burns, Eileen Kelleher, Anne Acker and Sharon Peters enjoying after event refreshments.
  • Members and guests enjoying conversation after the program.
  • A celebratory cake commemorates the pavilion dedication.
  • Members, Vera Chichester and Judy Baker, oversee the social time after the pavilion dedication.
  • Boy Scout Troop 337 retire the colors.
  • Member, George Youngdahl, helps end the dedication program by leading the guests in singing, "God Bless America."
  • Club Vice President, Jim Dobbins, have guest who've had the longest history with WCCC light the first fireplace fire.
  • Shirley Knaack, Club Membership Chair, reads letters of congratulations from government officials.
  • Club President, Steve Hinkley, welcomes members, guest and supporters to the pavilion dedication.
  • Members, John and Mary Baty, answer guest questions about the restored totem pole (original to the club/1937). John and member, Vera Chichester, restored this important part of WCCC history.
  • Bruce and Eleanor Bidelman attend the pavilion dedication. Bruce was the general contractor for the project.
  • Members and supporters, Russ Byrne, MaryJo Byrne, Kathy Tarr and Deb Ranville enjoying the pavilion dedication...
  • Gail and Jeff Duckworth ready for the pavilion dedication...Together, they painted the imprinted compass at the clubhouse entrance. Two Ducks donated significant time and materials to the WCCC.
  • Members, Julie and Jeff Greene, chat with member, Bill Haeske, before the dedication. They all donated many hours of hard work to the pavilion project.
  • Boy Scout Troop 337 prepare to present the colors at the pavilion dedication.
  • Member, Vera Chichester, provided printed pledges for permanent placement in the clubhouse.
  • Member, Kathryn Kinney, prepared a photo board of the pavilion construction. Kathryn is the club historian and creating photo archives from 2010 into the future.
  • Bonnie Kazmar, SignWorld Concepts owner, at dedication registration table, coordinated by member, Kim Hinkley
  • Dennis Maksimchuk, Steve Hinkley and Jim Dobbins prepare the gravel walkway to the pavilion.
  • Bonnie Kazmar and Tom Yoba of SignWorld Concepts assemble their donor recognition creation.
  • Kathryn Kinney and Julie Greene rest after planting pre-pavilion dedication flowers on a very hot, humid day.
  • Carr Brothers donate the finishing gravel at the pavilion site.
  • Two Duck's Concrete imprinted the clubhouse entrance compass. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Duckworth hand painted the compass.
  • Brian Baker, Tim Cook, Bill Haeske and Steve Hinkley set totem pole.
  • Two Ducks Concrete's finished totem pole foundation.
  • The newly completed Outdoor Education Pavilion, highlighting a beautiful stone fireplace, stands next to the updated "grill house" which now becomes a pavilion annex.
  • Albert Jones installs ceiling decking.
  • Jim Dobbins preparing for the post-construction clean-up.
  • Tom Duckworth prepares to lay foundation for totem pole platform.
  • The Davis Family set stone on the fireplace front.
  • Tim Cook and Brian Baker install flashing around the fireplace chimney.
  • Jeff Greene puts finishing touches on the trusses after staining all the trusses and ceiling decking.
  • Setting the trusses...
  • Thanks to Chuck Connelly, Larry Baker and Brian Baker for installing insulation in the clubhouse...
  • Guardian Industries helps provide insulation for clubhouse--2 representatives from Guardian,Tim Cook, Bob Frohm, Bill Haeske, Bob Bursley, Brian Baker and Ben Baker
  • Thanks to Jeff Duckworth and Two Ducks' crew, the clubhouse has a new, barrier-free entrance.
  • Two Ducks' crew provides a base for the totem pole.
  • Jeff Duckworth oversees pavilion fireplace footing.
  • Bob Frohm and Bill Haeske look over the pavilion fireplace footing preparation.
  • The poles are set for the pavilion.
  • Norman and Kathryn Kinney provide a coffee break for pole setters--Bruce Bidelan, Steve Blue, Bill Berry, Carl Gibson and Bob Frohm.
  • Setting the first pavilion pole--Bob Frohm, Bill Berry, Bruce Bidelman, Steven Hinkley, Bill Haeske and Jim Dobbins
  • Preparing the pavilion site by clearing the trees that brought down the original pavilion 10 years ago...Clay Robinson, Jeff Greene, John Hall and Elliott London
  • Karen Jones and Bob Frohm making the way for the new pavilion construction...
  • Village Vendor
  • Mike and the Knight
  • Calling...
  • The Knight's Helmet
  • Members Restoring the Castle (See "Club News" tab at left)
  • WCCC Adopts-a-Road
  • Totem Pole Restoration--Original to property--(See "Club New"tab on left for more information)
  • Great Potluck Dinners
  • "Taking the Castle"--Primitive Archery Shoot Event/May 2010
  • Making Merry...Primitive Archery Shoot Event/May 2010
  • Primitive Archery Shoot Event May 2010
  • Archery...a historical part of WCCC, goes on to the next generation
  • Eckford Township Community Picnic
  • Long-time Marshall resident, Frank A. Stuart, supports conservation at WCCC
  • Founded in 1937 as the "Wilder Creek Rearing Pond and Wild Life Sanctuary"
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