Annie's BIG Nature Lesson

Tim Rupp's & Kevin Brownell's Gordon 3rd Grade Students

Mary Douglass's 5th grade students (3rd Grade Alums)

Hosted at WCCC since 2014

Annie's BIG Nature Lesson/Mission Statement

The mission of Annie's BIG Nature Lesson is to immerse children, teachers, and parents in the beauty and wonder of the natural world; to engage them in authentic scientific investigations by observing the local ecology, drawing and writing; to nurture citizens who value and protect natural resources; and to build a school-community partnership that inspires responsible environmental stewardship.

Source:  biglesson.net


Tim Rupp talks about the creek and the water

Jim Coury, Forester, talks about tree leaf identification

Students Journaling Observations

"What's in the creek; what makes it move?"

Smiling in the rain

Alone with nature


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