Eagle Family at Wilder Creek/Fledglings Take Flight

Photo: Ray Closson; July 2023
Photo: Ray Closson; April 2023
Photo: Ray Closson; April 2023
Photo: Ray Closson; 06-19-23

Eagles enjoying Wilder Creek habitat…The eagle pair arrived in Spring 2022. The pair returned this year to build a nest. They produced two eaglets and fed them from area sources available at Wilder Creek and seemingly Lyon Lake. One member reported seeing a parent carrying a fairly large fish to the eaglets.

Little Known Fact:

Why do eagles put thorns in their nest?

Eleanor Roosevelt, Eagles' Nests, and Comfort Zones ...

As the baby eaglets grow, space gets smaller. In their reluctance to leave, Mother Eagle begins to remove the soft filler. The eaglets cry as thorns poke and prod them as they try to get comfortable in the nest. Mother Eagle continues to remove the soft filler until all that is left is a nest of thorns. Google Post: Nov 11, 2015

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