“Week in the Woods” Camp

The Advisor-Chronicle reported on July 6, 2024, “(Wilder Creek Conservation Club’s) wooded acreage, filled with ponds, hills, a creek, a nesting family of Bald Eagles, deer, beaver, birds of all kinds, snakes and frogs galore is just the thing to usher in a summer filled with adventure, exploration and an appreciation of the outdoors.”

Marshall teachers, Tim Rupp, Mary Douglass, Michelle Rupp, Molly Jain and youth counselors created a magical week of natural fun and learning for 70 campers. Tim Rupp said, “We keep things moving so there is never time to get bored.”

The leaders offer 2-one week day camp adventures.

“Grace Day, a 4th grader from Hughes School, Tanner Hill, a second grader from Walters, and TyLongyear, a 7th grader at MMS, all reported that catching frogs for the frog jumping contast was the highlight of the camp for them.”

Campers, counselors and teachers agreed “the water battle at the very end of the week was epic…Everyone was completely soaked and smiling by the end!”

“However, even the extravagant water fight was not the week’s favorite activity. There is nothing that can ccompare with building forts. Kids spent time daily, working in groups of 15-20, to plan and build elaborate forts in the forest. Without any outside tools or instructions, kids…constructed sturdy forts with imaginative features. Some boasted chandeliers, kitchens, skylights, fireplaces, welcome mats, etc.”

Wilder Creek Conservation Club functions as an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization. Grants, donations, and rental fees provide the operating budget. The members offer the facilities rent-free to youth-serving organizations, requesting a minimal housekeeping fee.

The purpose of Wilder Creek Conservation Club is to protect and conserve the land, wildlife, and natural resources contained within its boundaries of historical significance while seeking to provide a protected environment for the youth of our community to enjoy for educational and recreational purposes related to our air, land, and water resources.

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Member Spring Picnic

Nearly 100 members, families and friends gathered on a beautiful May evening for a tasty meal, conversation, trail walks, and games. During the evening, the club members honored Bob Bursley, long-time member and treasurer. During many decades as a US Postal Service Mail Carrier, he found hours and hours to devote to Wilder Creek and the people who benefitted from its existence.  Hours given to troops and troops of Boy Scouts; hours given to property maintenance; hours given as treasurer.  One of the most profound contributions was your paying the utility bills when there was no money in the treasury.  Bob has always been dedicated to Wilder Creek Conservation Club’s existence and what it gives to so many kids and families:  The joy of nature.

Speaker/DNR Officer

Department of Natural Resources officer, Elliot Worel, updated members on DNR laws and practices at the April 17 meeting.

Officer Elliot Worel, retired Army officer and former Black Hawk helicopter pilot, spoke to the members about DNR issues and answered questions. Members asked about deer encroaching into the city and practices to control those populations. Living with and managing the coyote packs opened another discussion. Members residing on area lakes gathered information about water patrol activities. Officer Worel indicated that these patrols would increase as the summer months approach.

Coincidentally, Officer Worel and his family joined Wilder Creek Conservation Club prior to his invitation to speak. The officer grew up participating in outdoor activities with his father and hopes to share those experiences with his family at Wilder Creek.

Welcome and thank you, Officer Worel!

Wilder Creek Hosts “What’s Brewing”

Tables ready for “What’s Brewing” guests
Chamber members learn about Wilder Creek’s past and future.

Choose Marshall Members enjoy “What’s Brewing” monthly to network and keep up on local happenings.

Choose Marshall’s Patty Williams, MC for “What’s Brewing

Marshall’s Pastrami Joe’s served breakfast items, soon to be available.

Eagle Family at Wilder Creek/Fledglings Take Flight

Photo: Ray Closson; July 2023
Photo: Ray Closson; April 2023
Photo: Ray Closson; April 2023
Photo: Ray Closson; 06-19-23

Eagles enjoying Wilder Creek habitat…The eagle pair arrived in Spring 2022. The pair returned this year to build a nest. They produced two eaglets and fed them from area sources available at Wilder Creek and seemingly Lyon Lake. One member reported seeing a parent carrying a fairly large fish to the eaglets.

Little Known Fact:

Why do eagles put thorns in their nest?

Eleanor Roosevelt, Eagles' Nests, and Comfort Zones ...

As the baby eaglets grow, space gets smaller. In their reluctance to leave, Mother Eagle begins to remove the soft filler. The eaglets cry as thorns poke and prod them as they try to get comfortable in the nest. Mother Eagle continues to remove the soft filler until all that is left is a nest of thorns. Google Post: Nov 11, 2015

For more information about eagles: